We would like to introduce you to the sustainable side of our Phalaenopsis.

The ornamental horticulture sector has taken massive steps in sustainable production – and we have introduced these sustainable improvements at Levoplant, too. In order to conserve fossil fuels, we extract some of our heat for our branches from the ground. Solar panels on the roofs provide part of the electricity for LED lighting needed for the growth of the plants in the dark months. We also use heat and cold buffers for cooling and heating.

Recirculating water, minimizing chemicals

We circulate all the water and reuse the precious nutrients. The use of natural resources, below and above the ground, makes it possible to control more and more diseases without chemical assistance.

Replacing plastic with paper and cardboard

We are also committed to using less plastic at the sales stage, for example by using paper as a wrapping material for full carts. Levoplant has also developed a cardboard tray which is unique due to its high load factor. Because ten trays fit on one layer, it is also possible to save on the amount of transport kilometres.