A pot-plant supplier with ambition

The ornamental horticulture sector is changing. Both demand and supply are currently defined by an increase in scale. With a total area of 14 hectares divided over four locations, Levoplant has become one of the largest cultivation specialists in Phalaenopsis and Cordyline australis. With this capacity, we are able to respond to the wishes of our target group, which considers reliability of supply and quality essential, twelve months a year.

This history of Levoplant goes back to 1969, but the company has completely changed in the past half a century. It has become bigger, more modern, and, most importantly, more innovative. Levoplant has been committed to market-oriented business from the very beginning. At an early stage, we identified the desire of garden centres, exporters, wholesalers, and retailers to do business with large-scale suppliers, and have responded to these developments. Levoplant wants to develop into the largest producer of a complete assortment of Phalaenopsis at variety level and guarantee a high-quality product range in large volumes, all-year round.

Europe's largest producer at variety level

With the concentration in demand, the order size is also growing spectacularly. It is essential for garden centres, chains of florists, and retailers to always be able to offer the same varieties. Because purchasing by variety will become increasingly important in the future, we have fully geared our business operations to respond to this. As a buyer, you can order the most popular and fast-selling varieties in the product range in any volume all year round. Through optimal planning and our close cooperation with regular suppliers of cuttings at home and abroad, we are always able to realize this reliability of supply.

Innovative concepts

Levoplant continuously invests in developing appealing concepts. With ILIKE® as an umbrella label, we introduced a brand name that links Phalaenopsis to quality to develop a range for the middle and upper segment of the market, divided into various concepts.

Supreme, Mix, or Duetto?

ILIKE® Supreme is the brand that stands at the absolute top of the market. For the right balance in price and quality, there is ILIKE® Mix: a mix of different varieties and colours. ILIKE® Duetto offers an orchid with a rich appearance: two branches with at least eighteen buds. Cordyline australis is also available under the ILIKE® label.

In consultation with breeders, we look for new innovative concepts that continue to inspire the consumer. This means that the product range is up-to-date, year after year.

Big on efficiency

Cultivation in large volumes is only possible with optimal efficiency. We use the latest technologies and systems to support our business operations. The branch on Pouwelslaan is a true high-tech location that uses automatic conveyors, gripper arms, RFID tags, camera selection, and other innovations.

The European leader for Cordyline australis

We are the largest cultivator of Cordyline australis in Europe. In the UK, the Cordyline is a household name in the container and patio-plants segment. Cordyline australis is also becoming more popular in Scandinavian countries where the plant is considered to be a trendy product.